Ori-Olokun Red Scarf

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The Ori-Olokun scarf (trans. – “Head of the Sea”)
Each quadrant illustrates a giant cowrie shell which has smaller cowries stemming from four corners and all connected to it as “The Source”. This suggests the binding of the human race, that though we are from different parts of the earth, we are all one and the same- we are simply humans.

The Eco-system forms an essential part of sustainable human life and this is beautifully portrayed with the inclusion of the leopards, the Japanese Koi fishes and the palm branches in this design. The sea in the background is known to bring goodness and wealth (Ire Olokun) as most trades of goods are done over the seas.

Measurement- 128cm x 128cm
Material- Polyester Twill
Size- Extra Large / one size fits all

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Ori-Olokun Red Scarf